Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch gave a lecture on Time Management at the University of Virginia in November 2007. Randy Pausch — http://www.randypausch.com — is a virtual reality pioneer, human-computer interaction researcher, co-founder of Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center — http://www.etc.cmu.edu — and creator of the Alice — http://www.alice.org — software project. The slides for this lecture and high-res downloadable versions of this and other lectures can be found at: http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~robins/Randy/.
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Here are 6 time management tips that you can use to improve your organizational skills and increase productivity. The more of these tools you learn to use, the more that you will get done each day.



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Cloud Storage — E-Discovery Risks

It seems that everyone is talking about “The Cloud”. In fact, it has become a universal buzzword in many industries. However, ask people to define cloud storage and many struggle to find the right answer. Every now and then a manager will complicate the issue further, by talking about “The Cloud” as if it were a large ball of cotton wool you just slotted into your computer.

Cloud storage has many advantages. It is the ideal way of storing documents or large files, but many fail to understand the potential risks of this type of storage. So, no one should fail to think about potential e-discovery risks before using cloud computing. You should weigh-up the potential risks such as financial health and future security before you contact a cloud storage provider.

Here are some of the potential risks involved:

1. Slow Production

Will the cloud storage provider you choose be able to cope if large numbers of documents are requested from your account? Many firms try to deal with the E-discovery orders themselves, however, if your chosen storage provider is unable or too slow to cope with your requests you immediately put yourself at risk. The client may go direct to the provider and cut-out the middleman. A number of storage providers are not equipped to deal with e-discovery productions. They will dump the documents, confidential or otherwise, to get the court off of their back.

2. Failure to Produce

Those who receive an E-discovery order should act in a responsible way. They are perfectly within their rights to expect their cloud storage provider to act responsibly too. However, if your storage provider is not capable of producing a large quantity of complex documents there may be a delay. The court is unlikely to accept the vendor is at fault; hence you will take the blame. The delay may result in disciplinary action or a fine.

3. Complicated Chains of Possession

After you have uploaded sensitive data to the cloud server there is a chance you could lose control of the files. This could apply if the vendor is unused to handling large e-discovery orders. Multiple copies of your files may end-up being sent everywhere as untrained staff struggle to cope with the workload.

Be Proactive

A great offense is your best defense. You should ascertain certain points before hiring a cloud storage provider. For example, you must vet the provider; ask about their monthly charges and the size of their servers. Ensure they know how to handle large e-discovery orders and chat about their turn-around times. Ask the vendor if he is willing to pay any fines incurred due to late delivery of technical difficulty.

You should not lose control of your documents if you use cloud storage. If you fail to fulfil an e-discovery order you will be held responsible.

How To Pick The Perfect Cloud Storage Solution

As corporate files become increasingly digitized, the need to store and backup data grow more vital for the continued success of a business. No one can afford to lose their data due to file corruption, virus attack, or physical damage. Hard-earned customer information and strategic documents will be gone forever.

Cloud storage is seen as an ideal solution to this problem by many companies but it may not be for everyone. Its suitability must be evaluated on a case-to-case basis. For instance, those who are extremely sensitive to security may find it to be a risky proposition. Others may be swayed by its benefits that include safekeeping at a remote location. The fate of the information is no longer tied to the physical confines of the office.

Of course, the question of security cannot be set aside. Anyone who is planning to rely on the Internet for storage must check the measures being implemented to guard the files from prying eyes. Only those who have the proper credentials should have access.

Aside from security, businesses need to pay particular attention to performance. Uploading gigabytes or even terabytes of data at a time can be a frustrating task if the connection is slow and unreliable. The storage facility must be accessible 24/7 allowing users to save or retrieve files as they deem necessary from anywhere they may be located.

Before selecting a service provider, a thorough analysis of the company’s specific requirements must be accomplished. It is crucial to know just what level of performance is needed and how much space has to be reserved. Anticipate the daily, weekly, and monthly bandwidth. Pick a cloud storage platform that can meet the specs.

Another factor that cannot be ignored is the price. A perfect storage solution is of no use if the charges are unreasonably high. At the same time, companies should not settle for less just because the rates are lower. There has to be a healthy balance between price and performance. One may even argue that corporate data is priceless and splurging a bit to ensure that they remain safe, secure, and accessible is worth it. After all, it’s better to keep the vital files at a cost than to lose them and suffer the tragic consequences.

Availability is also an issue especially for clients located outside of the major hubs. Service providers typically provide specialized hardware to facilitate file transfers. Companies will have to check which cloud services are available in their area and that they are reasonably priced for what they can do. Warranties and service level agreements must also be discussed.

The size of the company and the data produced on a daily basis will have a big influence in the selection process. Small to medium-scale businesses may not require such a massive virtual space for their files. Large corporate clients, on the other hand, may have a nearly insatiable appetite for more storage. Uploading a ton of files everyday tends to be tiresome so an automatic backup feature may be appreciated.

Lastly, get a trusted service provider that will not delay whenever support is necessary. Being proactive with maintenance and testing is also an advantage as the system is kept finely tuned for smooth operations.

Powerful Social Media Tips For Small Business

Here are five effective SMO rules which will be very beneficial for your organization.

Linkable Website: You can make your website more linkable so as to make the navigation very easily and user-friendly. There are many ways to achieve this task. You can inter-link various social media platforms to your main website. This is the most powerful way of increasing the internal and external links of the website.

Social Bookmarking and Social Tagging: There are various social bookmarking websites which gives quality backlinks pointing back to your website. This increases your website ranking on the Google search engine and drive good amount of traffic. It also generates votes for your content.

Constant Communication: If we want to build some fan following for the business then we have to make constant contact with the audience. This participation will make good online reputation. We can achieve this through various forums, discussions, question & answers sites.

Rewards and gifts: Those who are very helpful and valuable users for your website or business then you can give some sort of rewards to those users. This increases their interest in your site and it becomes popular.

Reward Inbound site links: obviously the more inbound links your blog and site can generate, the better. This is still the singular method by which a site rises in the search rankings. Reward linking sites by providing them a permalink to use and listing them on your site in return. This simple act of acknowledgment provides the return gift of visibility and is never a bad thing.

Netflix Nightmare Now A Reality?

The FCC rules that required Internet Service Providers be unbiased and neutral when restricting bandwidth were struck down by the U.S. Court of Appeals. Although this may be appealed to the Supreme Court, their last resort, what this means now is that with the elimination of Net Neutrality, ISPs are now allowed to pick and choose between different websites how much bandwidth to allow for transmitting data.

ISPs can now require businesses transmitting the most data to pay more money because they are getting preferential treatment. Websites that stream high definition videos will really feel the pinch. Until now the ISPs have been charging their end users fees based on how much bandwidth they consumed, but they weren’t able to charge the websites transmitting the data over the Internet.
Internet Service Providers have never wanted to have caps on bandwidth for consumers or end users, although cell phone companies do this, it just hasn’t been widely used for household data plans. The opinion of many is that the ISPs waged this fight to do away with the Net Neutrality rules because they wanted to be able to charge websites based on the bandwidth they were using to transmit data. Then of course, it only makes sense that the websites would recoup this cost from their advertisers and customers.
This can be seen as a double edged sword for Netflix. With all their money these companies can probably afford to pay for preferential treatment to get all the bandwidth they need to transmit their data, and in the case of Netflix, stream their movies. But, being motivated by profit, the ISPs are likely to charge an arm and a leg, to all the websites they are legally able to charge, for this privilege. It’s very likely that ISPs will hammer the users of Netflix and others unless they agree to pay for unrestricted delivery of data. They may try to charge a set fee to Netflix per gigabyte (GB) of data transmitted. One way or another, this is predicted to either cost Netflix more in fees to the ISPs, or Netflix’s subscribers will end up absorbing these additional costs.

In all likelihood Netflix is probably going to see huge fees being imposed by the Internet Service Providers. At this point in time Netflix has accumulated about 30 million U.S. users. Each one watches approximately 40 hours of content each and every month. One GB of data is transmitted every hour for standard definition video. But if you want to view in 1080p HD, then about 6.5 GBs of data are used in an hour when streamed to a large 40” – 50” TV. If these estimates are correct, customers of Netflix in the U.S. use somewhere between 14 billion – 93 billion GBs of data each and every year. Internet Service Providers, may try to profit by this change in the Net Neutrality rules by increasing fees on websites providing data on the scale of Netflix and others.

No one can really guess what the ISPs will do, but investors need to be made aware that changes may come. They need to have an example of what can happen. The ISPs have always had the ability to charge end users more by using data caps. The U.S. has been free from this practice so far and the ISPs still seem hesitant to change this. Because they fought so hard to do away with Net Neutrality the ISPs are likely to go after the data provider for higher fees, not their subscribers or customers.
If they do decide to charge Netflix based on the information calculated in previous paragraphs, it is reasonable to surmise that they could charge in the range of $139 – $929 million in fees to Netflix annually.
It’s reasonable to believe that the ISP might charge a penny for every GB transmitted, or even more. Those of us in the U.S. pay about $20 per month for access to the Internet and about $40 a month if we use broadband. The average person uses somewhere between 20 – 100 GBs of data every month.

If these figures are correct, the average person in the U.S. pays $0.20 – $0.40 per GB consumed, and maybe higher if they don’t really use that much. Data plans in the U.S. do not cap data usage currently.

There are about 84 million homes in the U.S. and each one pays an average of $500 annually to access the Internet. This comes to a total of $40 billion every year. If the ISPs do end up charging data providers a penny per GB, they will have a gain of 2% – 5% in revenue thanks to the repeal of rules of Net Neutrality.

Penguin 2.1 Update & Its Recovery

October 4th Google has update 5th edition of the penguin update named as Penguin 2.1. It has not same as impact as penguin 2.0 has. It affects only 1% of the Google search. This is Google’s new Spam Hunting algorithm.This is Google 5th Penguin update.
What is Penguin Update:-

Google first launched Penguin update in April 2012 better catch sites results to be spamming its search result. This update hit those sites and decreased those sites ranking which was violating Google Webmaster Guideline or doing Black hat SEO techniques which involve in increasing artificially the ranking of a web page by manipulating the number of links pointing to page.
First Penguin had hit 3.1% of English Website and 3% of other language website search result.
After new first Penguin update Google has updates several penguin update and the latest update known as Penguin 2.1 and unlike other update this update hit less number of sites approximately .97 to 1 % of sites search result.
Some of reason why your site is hit by Google penguin update:-
a. Paid Backlinks
b. Low quality backlinks
c. large no of backlinks with optimized anchor text
d. Excessive no of link exchange
e. Text advertisement that pass page rank
Penguin updates so far
Penguin 1.0   24th April 2012
Penguin 1.2   26th May 2012
Penguin 1.3   Oct 2012
Penguin 2.0  May 2013  and the latest
Penguin 2.1 Oct 2013
Now we are directly coming to Penguin 2.1.
After announcing Google Penguin 2.1 Google has said that this update will affect only 1% of site search result. This Update will not have same effect as same penguin 2.0 has but still it will affect those sites which are doing Spamming of anchor text mainly.
Before recovery from Penguin you must know Is that your site has been hit by Google update.
I personally recommend you to continuously monitor your search traffic not of PPC campaign (if running) after a Google update. If your traffic is down dramatically drops during this time, it’s due to a Penguin update. Monitor your traffic from Google analytics.
Recovery from Penguin 2.1 :-

Their are several you need to follow to recover from Google penguin update.
Step 1 :- Identify the Bad backlinks.
Step 2 :- Remove as many as bad backlinks.
Step 3 :- Disavow remaining links
Step 4 :- File a Google reconsideration request
Step 5 :- Execute a Quality and strategic content marketing campaign.


Google penalty can be very hard to recover some time, but if you have done hard work for getting back your traffic and Google search engine ranking, then Google will reconsider it and you will get back your ranking.

Be a Successful Entrepreneur With These Characteristics

To become a successful entrepreneur you have posses certain major qualities which will make you different from the rest of the world. Below are few major traits which every famous business-man owns.
Solid authority features
Front runners are blessed, certainly not produced. Accomplish you feel yourself getting your go-to individual most likely? Would you locate individuals wanting to know ones viewpoint as well as to aid guideline or even produce options for them? Have you been throughout supervision assignments all through your job? A new chief is usually an individual that ideals your goal around any unpleasantness the task it will require to obtain at this time there may bring. A new chief offers sturdy transmission abilities and the opportunity to collect any staff of men and women toward perhaps the most common goal in a way that the complete staff is usually inspired and operates successfully to obtain at this time there as being a staff. A new chief generates your believe in and regard of their staff through indicating positive perform features and self confidence, after that cultivating a setting in which proliferates these kinds of ideals thought your staff. A new chief that not anyone will follow is just not any chief of something more.
Highly self-motivated
You most likely know by figuring out perhaps somewhat regarding some of the most well known enterprise internet marketers in history in which commanders can be rather strong personalities. No-one makes advancement through relaxing returning and waiting for the idea to get these individuals. Prosperous individuals venture out in to the earth and invoke change thought their particular measures. Usually, commanders get pleasure from problems all of which will perform tirelessly to resolve issues that confront these individuals. They will change well to help modifying situations without unraveling and are usually skilled of helping their particular teams change with him or her through encouraging these individuals toward fresh targets and possibilities. Generally you will understand in which successful internet marketers are driven by the a lot more total imaginative and prescient vision or even goal than simply the duty taking place and competent to imagine over a a lot more common stage in that consider. Fortunately they are generally very passionate regarding their particular thoughts in which drive toward these kinds of supreme targets and are notoriously challenging to help push journey training course.
Reasonably competitive heart
Business people try a concern and they choose to get. They require this because beginning an enterprise is usually just about one of the greatest problems an individual can handle into their life time. Running a business it’s actually a continual warfare with rivalry to help get enterprise and expand industry discuss. Additionally it is the right concern to utilize this to focus back to the inside and expand an enterprise by almost nothing right into a powerhouse in which either makes big money or even can be so effective that it’s available or even obtained to get a benefit likewise.
Realize the worthiness of a sturdy fellow network
Throughout every circumstance, internet marketers in no way be able to achievements on its own. The best understand it will require any network of associates, enterprise partners, fiscal partners, peers and resources to ensure. Effective individual’s nutriment these kinds of human relationships and surround independently with people that will help cause them to far better. Any good chief is merely as good as peoples that assistance him.