Spare a Thought about Yourself

Spare A Thought About Yourself

Life’s experiments are on the pace of growth and surviving with these challenges, sometimes loads great effort. There are periods when one may need help to handle with emotional grief. Even someone who has always been strong enough to cope well, easily adapt to fluctuating circumstances and survive, can be overcome by a feeling of helplessness and loss. It can occur to anyone of us at any phase.

Tim MccallanA counsellor is someone who is there for the patient as a helper for change, turns bad into good day, soothing and growth. When an innocent and trusting atmosphere is provided, a person will realise within him/herself the ability for growth and change. Counselling is a procedure of empowerment – assisting characters to be in charge of themselves and their relationships.

Singular Counselling: is presented to individuals who are dealing with emotional, social, work related or family related issues.
The following areas of personal development are covered in personal counselling:

1. The realistic self and its relation to meaning, purpose and values

2. Self-knowledge

3. Self-worth

4. Self-confidence and self-efficiency

5. Self-control of emotions

6. A sense of control

7. Mindfulness

8. Self-assurance

9. Motivation and life stages

10. Overcome depression

Family or couple counselling: is available for individuals, couples and families struggling with difficulties with social and personal problems.

Career Counselling: is available for those young or teenagers who are at the junctions, having to make decisions on branches of study or careers that will be most suitable for them.

Personal progress does not need to take ages. It can be a lightning-fast realisation that shifts the way you think, see the world, and interact with it. Personal growth in associate with what you care about. Counselling isn’t always easy, but in my point of view, this is the most meaningful gift you can give yourself. Find somebody you have faith and who makes you comfortable. The relationship between you and the coach is the most important aspect of all.

Believe In Yourself

Eradicate Barriers Lying Inside You

As great words said by the great person, “All humans are born good”. And this belief has helped thousands of people to create happiness in their own as well as in their well-wishers lives and it works for all.
1. Career difficulties
Career is achieving goals in life that makes an individual happy. It delivers a chance for growth and assured sense of professionalism. It is a business that survives a lifetime. It should have prospects for development. A career should match your skills. Making wrong choices, having less self-confidence, stress, and absence of achievement are the career difficulties.

2. Dealing with depression
Depression is a situation when a person feels sad, worried, empty, hopeless, nervous, worthless, dejected, irritable, or impatient. It turns to repulsion from occupation. There could be a loss of appetite, issues in concentrating, remembering and decision-making. It could also lead to insomnia, tiredness, hypersomnia and suicidal tendencies.

3. Anger
Anger is an emotional reaction usually normal, human emotion. But when it gets uncontrolled, may cause anxiety, high blood pressure, headaches, leads to fights and abuse. It shows up in thoughts, behaviors and feelings. Chronic anger could create high levels of stress. Anger is shown in terms of a conflict or battle response.

4. Stress busters
Stress can be mild or severe. Some stressors can be controlled while others become bothersome. A partial degree of stress is considered motivating and called “eustress” while high levels of stress are nervousness aggravating. Nowadays a person faces the competitive world, uneven sleep, work and food habits, high individual expectations and diminishing interpersonal levels of support have made stress irresistible.

5. The creative personality
Very creative people value individuality highly. They choose complexity as their preference and reject the simple. As a protocol, the creative person is nonconforming and unusual in approach.

6. Life works balance
Make healthy borders. This means conservation and suitable allocation of time, energy and resources to live and work. Do what you feel happy and love what you do. Remember the name, money, fame and jobs are all temporary. But family and friends are the only things that remain constant in all these phases. Be passionate about your work and life, but not greedy.

How to grab happiness and well-being
Connect with the people who are around you, family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Be active while walking, running or, realize a physical activity you enjoy that is suitable for your level of flexibility and fitness. Get enough rest to overcome depression. Set your motives in writing, this helps in healthier commitment.

Or you may consult Tim McCallan, he inspires his clients to achieve excellence through his interactive coaching processes.

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