Tim McCallan Biz Coach

Tim McCallanTim McCallan brings to the table is an approach that has been cross-pollinated throughout over 100 different industries. The processes and concepts we use have been applied to various businesses ranging from manufacturing companies to professional service firms, from small companies and non-profit agencies to Fortune 500 corporations. Tim McCallan’s approach works collectively as it focuses on leadership, individual growth, team development and organizational processes so that they, in turn, improve all aspects of a business. By better tapping into the potential of people, a company will benefit from a greater utilization of their knowledge, skills and resources. We teach powerful applications of those talents to achieve higher standards and greater levels of success.

Tim McCallan believes the difference between a good company and a great company is the personal growth and leadership development of each individual in the organization, from the warehouse to the welcome desk and from the front line to the corner office.

One of the most important things we do is to raise peoples sights, enlarge their vision and magnify their values so that they no longer focus on what they can get, but rather on who they can become

Tim McCallan empower’s his clients to achieve excellence through his interactive coaching processes which he offer’s within the following areas:

•Organizational Development
•Leadership Development
•Personal Growth and Development
•Executive Leadership
•Management Leadership
•Team Building
•Strategic Thinking and Planning
•Customer Loyalty Strategies
•Culture Creation and Transition
•Communication Skills and Soft Skills
•Goal Achievement
•Time Management
•Individual Coaching at all Levels
•Certified Harrison Behavioral Assessment Consultant

Tim McCallan lifelong Biz Coach